Reggie Miller Happy For Ray Allen Breaking His Record

By Marcus Vanderberg 

TNT analyst Reggie Miller had a courtside view Thursday night to watch Ray Allen become the new all-time three-point leader, snapping his mark of 2,560.

With Miller working the game, he was able to give his reaction immediately after Allen broke his record:

“It just shows you, when people ask me, ‘you’ve got to be a little bit upset or bitter?’ Why? First of all, all records are made to be broken. I had a conversation with Ray earlier tonight and he was like, ‘when I was a rookie and I came to Market Square Arena and I saw you for three, three and a half hours before (the game) shooting, that’s how I wanted to patent my game.’ I’m just so happy for him because this is one of the best guys. He’s so humble, he’s so giving, he’s a great family man and I’m excited. This is great. This is great for the game of basketball. You know why? We’re focusing and talking about shooting, Steve. You know how many hours (we went) and we had keys to the gym, we’d go early. No one talks about shooting anymore.”