Red Eye: “The Most Daring Show on Television”

By SteveK 

Tribune TV columnist Kate O’Hare writes on about Red Eye host, Greg Gutfeld. Red Eye airs on FNC at 3amET weekdays and 2amET weekends, which allows the show to push the envelope.

“It completely flies in the face of conventional wisdom about Fox being recalcitrant or conservative, when this is the most daring show on television,” Gutfeld says.

The show launched in February 2007 as a “sort of alternate-reality version of a news and political roundtable,” and Gutfeld hopes the show evolves.


“Gutfeld hopes to somehow take ‘Red Eye’ to the political conventions and maybe add an audience or even a band. He’d also like the presidential contenders to continue dropping by,” writes O’Hare (former candidates Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have appeared).