“Red Eye:” Gutfeld & Co. Premiere

By Brian 

Didn’t stay up? Here’s what you missed.

“Hey, this is Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld said on FNC at 2am. The show had circa-2000 production values but it was oddly compelling — and perhaps most importantly, I didn’t fall asleep.

At the top of the new late night show, Gutfeld talked to Rachel Marsden, Bill Schulz, and Andrew Breitbart about porn and fat kids.

Kudos to Breitbart for making this point: “What about these godforsaken shows that talk about pornography as a means to actually show pornography, blacked out?” The whole panel started laughing.

The B block featured man on the street comments about global warming. One of the questions: “Are you going to miss a polar bear? I mean, they’re not even good to eat.”

A minute later, the chyron asked: “Global boring? Or the end of the world as we know it?”

The C block was about the Super Bowl. It was followed by a humorous segment with the show’s “ombudsman,” Andrew Levy, who pretended to correct mistakes made during the first half of the show.

A few minutes later, Gutfeld talked to Neil Cavuto about his new gig. “I’m aiming to get 12 viewers,” Gutfeld said. “I’m cuckoo for Cavuto,” Schulz added a minute later.

Then Breitbart made an interesting remark: “I think that you represent a lot of viewers, like myself, who have no discernable expertise on anything, and I think people will relate to you on that.”

Jessica Coen was on around 2:40am to talk about nose jobs and other entertainment news.

At the end, Gutfeld read some critical blog comments and brought Levy back to preview tomorrow’s show. Finally, “SENIOR correspondent” Mrs. Gutfeld phoned in. The transition to Special Report with Brit Hume was a bit jarring…