Red Carpet: Straka Live On

By Brian 

FNC’s Mike Straka hosted a webcast from the red carpet on this afternoon. It started at 4:30pm, ahead of most of the pre-shows. The freewheeling show suffered its share of technical difficulties, but it was a fun and experimental venture. Straka was joined outside Kodak Theatre by correspondent Lisa Bernhard.

> An e-mailer says: About ten minutes in, “there was this great moment where Lisa said ‘I did George Clooney,’ instead of ‘I interviewed George Clooney,’ and there was about 20 seconds of awkard silence. It was hilarious!”

> Update: 11:40am: An e-mailer adds: “The best thing about Straka’s livestream was the look on the face of the director of the Palestinian suicide bombing foreign film. Straka asked him what it was about, and the guy said it was a good story about two friends. And Mike goes sarcastically, “so, it’s like Brokeback Mountain meets suicide bombing?” Priceless.”