Reaction to Howie Kurtz Leaving CNN for FNC

By Chris Ariens 

Media reporter and critic Howard Kurtz is pulling up stakes at CNN later this month and taking his “independent brand of media criticism” to Fox News. Here is some of the first reaction from Kurtz’s media reporter colleagues:

Erik Wemple has five observations about the move, in which he concludes “everybody wins.”

David Zurawik thinks “the biggest platform in cable TV news just got a little bigger and better.”

Joe Coscarelli says, “The switch makes sense: Kurtz was on thin ice at CNN as his contract ran down, but he’s always had a mutually beneficial working relationship with Fox boss Roger Ailes.

FishbowlDC looks at how Kurtz has been a past critic of his future network (and also gets the award for best composite image of the day, thanks to the intern!)

Salon all but predicted the move weeks ago.

Bloomberg‘s headline is, well, provocative: Fox News Hires Howard Kurtz, Disgraced Media Reporter

TVNewser’s Gail Shister, who often appeared on his CNN show, has reached out to Kurtz for an interview about his new job. We’ll keep you posted if that comes through.