Raw Politics Replaces This Week At War?

By Brian 

> Update: 4:42pm: “Raw Politics was a scheduled at 7 p.m. ET because of the debate special that re-aired this weekend.. this is not a permanent change,” a CNNer says…

Has CNN replaced This Week At War?

The weekend show, broadcast Saturday at 7pm and repeated Sunday at 1pm, was announced last July after a month-long trial period. It replaced On The Story. John Roberts anchored the show until his promotion to American Morning; Tom Foreman has sat in since then.

“As the war in Iraq grows in complexity, and the questions of Americans mount, there is no greater service we can afford our viewers than to produce a program that attempts to tie together all of the seemingly confusing strands,” Jon Klein said at the time.

Apparently that’s no longer the case. Last Saturday, Raw Politics, hosted by Foreman, took This Week At War’s place on the weekend schedule…