Rather/Schieffer: Morning Paper Roundups

By Brian 

  · New York Times: CBS is the “first broadcast network in at least three decades to entrust its evening newscast to someone who was introduced to the audience as the equivalent of a long-term, substitute teacher.”

  · NY Daily News: “Our sights are set on the new ‘Evening News,'” Marcy McGinnis says. “Our viewers will know that Dan is gone. They’ll see a familiar face and they’ll know that something new is coming.”

  · TV Guide interviews Schieffer: When CBS asked him to fill in, he said: “‘I want to be part of the solution here.’ And that’s how I look at this. I look at it as trying to get past this hump to get to work.”

  · Wash Post: “In a sign of strained relations at the news division, Rather was said to be shocked that CBS News President Andrew Heyward did not call to notify him of the Schieffer plan either before or after word leaked to USA Today, and several staffers were upset about it.”