Rather’s Suit: The Write Ups

By Chris Ariens 

TVWeek‘s Michele Greppi: “Mr. Rather’s attorney, Marty Gold, said in a statement, ‘A healthy democracy cannot flourish without an independent press. Dan Rather brings this lawsuit to further that principle and to restore his reputation, and if he is successful, he intends to donate substantial sums to further these ideals.”

B&C‘s Marisa Guthrie: “CBS’ ‘only obligation is to pay him,’ says an industry insider well versed in contractual law. ‘They are not obligated to keep him on the air. If he thought they were wrong, he should not have taken their money; he should have walked out the door and immediately sued them.'”

NYDaily NewsJose Martinez: “‘We did not go in this on blind faith, but on the preponderance of evidence,’ Rather told the Daily News after the [National Guard] story aired. ‘We checked our source out, but we didn’t check him out enough.'”