Ralph Nader to Alexis Glick: “You Have Displayed Political Bigotry”

By SteveK 

Ralph Nader appeared on Fox Business Network this morning in his first television interview since announcing his Presidential candidacy on Meet the Press yesterday. Alexis Glick interviewed the candidate on Money For Breakfast. Things got a little heated when Glick suggested he would play the role of “spoiler.” Nader expressed his displeasure by telling Glick, “You have displayed political bigotry. You would never say that to the major candidates. And you, working for Fox News would never have said when Fox News got under way that two networks were enough. You wanted diversity.”

Nader is making the rounds on cable today and tonight. He appeared on Fox News earlier today, and will appear on Tucker at 6pmET and Anderson Cooper 360 at 10pmET. Below is the full FBN interview:

> Update: Nader’s first interview was actually on CBS News Up To The Minute early Monday morning.