Rachel Maddow on the ‘Fox Strategy of Scaring White People’

By Alex Weprin 

MSNBC’s 9 PM host Rachel Maddow speaks to The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove about a number of topics in an interview today.

Among the topics of discussion: Fox News, which Maddow has taken to criticizing regularly on-air.

I have been talking for awhile about the Fox strategy of scaring white people in order to score political points and benefit conservative politicians,” Maddow says. “And one of the hallmarks is that their most potent ‘scare-white-people’ stories are not real news stories. They’re stories that they invent out of thin air. That’s true about ACORN. That’s true about the Shirley Sherrod case. That’s true about the fake New Black Panther Party thing. That’s true about Van Jones.”

Of course, as has been documented, Fox News the network did not cover Shirley Sherrod in a manner that would be considered inappropriate, although FoxNews.com did.

She also singles out regular FNC contributor Newt Gingrich for criticism:

“He’s got this idea that the so-called war on terrorism is actually some sort of religious crusade. That’s a whole trope on the right-that Muslims are secretly at war with us, only we’re not at war with them because we’re in denial that they’re winning. This ‘Sharia law is going to take over America’ stuff-Gingrich totally spouts all that crap.”