Rachel Maddow Is ‘Really Happy’ About Brian Williams Decision After ‘Cloud Of Controversy’

By Brian Flood 

Last night on MSNBC, Rachael Maddow discussed Brian Williams’ upcoming move to the cable network.

“I personally, not speaking for anyone other than myself- I am really happy that Brian Williams is coming here to MSNBC,” Maddow said.

Maddow doesn’t ever say Williams “lied,” opting for terms like not “telling the truth” when discussing the situation. Maddow admitted that she was following the news just like everyone else, because NBC left her in the dark about the fate of Williams.


Just like everyone else, Maddow now knows what’s going on.

“What Brian Williams will do at this company to earn back the trust of viewers, to rebuild the faith you need in a person when you count on them for the news, what he will do is that he will restart – here. With us on MSNBC,” Maddow said.

Maddow went to on to say that nobody at NBC asked her to make this statement and it’s quite possible that she’s causing some anxiety within the building by mentioning the situation. Williams discussed the move during an interview on the Today show this morning.

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