Quotables: From Bill Hemmer

By Brian 

From this Cincinnati Post story about the new FNC anchor:

> American Morning hours sucked: “What’s better than not getting up at four in the morning? It changes your whole outlook. You aren’t walking around in a daze. Geez, I could have fallen asleep anywhere. It’s a wonderful thing to sleep until 7 in the morning.”

> Roger Ailes hasn’t given him an agenda: “What impressed me is he told me Fox programs itself like a newspaper. The news is in the ‘A’ section and in the back of the ‘A’ section is where you get your opinion.”

> He already loves Fox: “Viewers have locked into this network the last several years, but one of the keys I’ve come to learn is people aren’t sitting around on their hands here. They are constantly pushing it forward to figure the next innovation. How can we make this fresh? Cable news viewers will be gone in a second if you aren’t fresh.”