Questions: About McManus, Nightline, Leventhal, Bedingfield, Brown…

By Brian 

> Who’s in the running to become CBS News president Sean McManus‘s #2? He’s vetting names through folks like Janet Leissner. “Lots of nervous folks on West 57th,” an e-mailer says…

> When will ABC allow interviews with Nightline hosts Cynthia McFadden, Martin Bashir or Terry Moran? The network says they’re too busy working on the show’s stories to talk to the press…

> Is Shep Smith really going to be a best man when FNC’s Rick Leventhal marries Lauren Sivan in February?

> Was a tipster trying to fool me when he said that Erin Brockovich shot a pilot for CNN in NYC recently?

> What sort of things did Sid Bedingfield and Jon Klein not “see eye-to-eye” on?” What led him to leave?

> How is Aaron Brown‘s book coming along?