Questions: About Couric & Rather, Domains, FNC’s Secret Project, MSNBC, & More…

By Brian 

If you have answers (or more questions), e-mail or drop it in the tip box…

> Will Katie Couric ever comment about her new network’s handling of Dan Rather‘s departure?

> A tipster asks: “Word is around the FNC newsroom that Laura Ingraham was in a studio shooting something Saturday and Sunday. Any idea what’s going on there?” (Is it related to a “special” Fox News is developing called “Project X?”)

> no longer redirects to In its place is a “NBC News Channel coming soon” banner. What is coming soon — a new portal for affiliates? Or something more?

> An e-mailer asks: “What the heck is going on with MSNBC at 9am? One day it’s Countdown (a few minutes late), the next day it isn’t. Do THEY know what they’re doing at 9 from day to day?”

> Speaking of MSNBC’s daytime programming: If you were Jeff Zucker, Phil Griffin or Dan Abrams, what would you do with daytime?

> Are we any closer to the announcement of a new EP for Good Morning America? E-mailers have asserted that two internal candidates (Jessica Guff and Chris Vlasto) could get the job. Other names include Rick Kaplan and Tammy Haddad

> In the words of Maury Povich on his MSNBC farewell, asking about his wife Connie Chung: “Will there be a network she won’t do a show for?” Is Connie the first person to have high-profile shows cancelled on both CNN and MSNBC?