Questions: About Couric, Brown, Rosenwasser, Cole…

By Brian 

> Has Katie Couric made up her mind yet? Why isn’t she anchoring the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in February?

> Is this anonymous tipster serious?: “Aaron Brown in talks to move to 60 Minutes next fall.”

> Why is Marc Rosenwasser, the executive editor of Dateline NBC, leaving the network? (He’s been #2 for 14 years.) How do staffers feel about Liz Cole‘s promotion? NBC doesn’t comment on personnel matters…

> Why did FNC recently introduce “Fox RealTime,” a flashy news update with “some of the stories we’re following in real time?”

> Now that Mark Hoffman has toyed with the 4 to 10am block on CNBC, what’s going to happen to the rest of the business day?