Quake: Dr. Gupta Back In Pakistan

By Brian 

CNN’s Heidi Collins, on 360 Monday night: “Can we already have forgotten a calamity in which perhaps 90,000 people perished and hundreds of thousands were left homeless? The people of northwestern Pakistan have been asking: What has happened to the world’s attention in the two months since the earth gave way under them?

And they’ve also been asking why CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta had not come back to see what their lives were like now with winter coming. And so, Dr. Gupta did go back.”

Right, Gupta reports from Mara Thenolia, Pakistan. Last night, Collins asked Gupta what stood out the most when he returned to Pakistan.

“There was just rubble everywhere,” he said. “And there’s tents outside the homes that even some of the homes that are still standing. You’ve got to remember one thing: There have been over 2,000 aftershocks since the earthquake, and that has just left everyone feeling both psychologically and physically unsettled.

The emotional toll is just dramatic. Also, just how hard it was to get to some of these places. People talked about the landslides and how remote some of these areas were. You just couldn’t get to some of these places because of the landslides. We had to take helicopters to a lot of places still. And this is a couple of months now, after the earthquake, Heidi.”

Gupta will report from Pakistan again tonight on 360…