Q&A With John Roberts: “Change Can Often Be The Best Thing In A Person’s Life”

By Brian 

Only on TVNewser: Following this morning’s announcement, TVNewser asked CBS correspondent John Roberts about his decision to move to CNN:

When did you begin mulling a job change and/or a network change?

I began mulling a change when it became clear that my options at CBS were narrowing. Change can often be the best thing in a person’s life, and I’m looking forward to working with the great folks at CNN.

Were you unhappy at CBS?

It might sound patronizing, but there was never a day at CBS when I was ‘unhappy.’ Frustrated, yes. Exhausted, yes. Enraged, yes. Exhilarated, yes — all the typical emotions that one experiences while running around the world covering major news events…but never ‘unhappy.’

How long have you known Jon Klein? Did the two of you work together when he was at CBS?

I have known Jon Klein for more than a decade. He and I spent a lot of time together in the early 90s in Grand Rapids, Michigan shooting a special project for CBS News. He is a brilliant individual — incredibly talented and it will be an honor to be back working with him again.

Will you miss the anchor desk?

I’ll miss the anchor desk — helming a program is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility. But the basis of what we do is reporting. That is the real work and the real reward.

Roberts’ last day at CBS is Friday, but don’t expect to see him on the air again before then. He starts at CNN on Feb. 20…