‘Professional Dress, Combed Hair and a Quick Visit to Our Makeup Artist is Encouraged’

By Chris Ariens 

The ink-stained wretches of the Wall Street Journal are being reminded that if they’re called on for an on camera appearance for WSJ Live, that they should not be ink-stained wretches.

“Many of you have embraced our video revolution, and as this tremendous growth continues, we anticipate an ever-larger number of reporters and editors will be called on to deliver news this way, just as we do on other platforms,” a memo to the staff, obtained by Romenekso, begins. “In that light, we want to remind those appearing on camera that you should take into consideration your appearance both in terms of journalistic content and on-air presentation.”

As many of our regular guests already know, neat and professional dress, combed hair and a quick visit to our resident makeup artist on the 6th floor is encouraged before each appearance for both men and women – even for just a quick dash of powder. You want the spotlight focused on your stellar journalism – not shining off your forehead.


(h/t Romenesko)