Prez Press Conference: Plans

By Brian 

> On NBC, Brian Williams will anchor coverage on NBC from 8 to 9pm.

> On ABC, Elizabeth Vargas will anchor. She will be joined by George Stephanopoulos and business correspondent Betsy Stark.

> Fox broadcast network: Fox News will provide a Level 2 cut-in, which gives affiliates the option of broadcasting the event. The coverage will be anchored by Shepard Smith.

> On FNC, the O’Reilly Factor will be pre-empted for live coverage. H&C and Greta will air as usual, and the event will reair at 11pm.

> CNN’s coverage will be anchored by Paula Zahn and Wolf Blitzer. It will begin at 7:30pm. Larry King will take over at 9pm. At 11pm, CNN will air “highlights” from the press conference.

> Update: 5:30pm: CNBC is airing a special report from 8 to 9pm. Anchor Ron Insana will be joined by Larry Kudlow, Steve Liesman, Melissa Francis and Rob Reynolds.

> MSNBC will begin its coverage at 7pm with a Hardball “special report.” After the press conference, Chris Matthews will wrap-up until 10pm.

> “The conference has created a conundrum for the broadcast networks. Tonight is the first night of May sweeps, after all, and it’s a Thursday, a top-dollar ad night for the networks,” Media Life Mag says.

> “The White House asked television networks to broadcast the news conference, scheduled for 8 p.m. ET in the East Room of the White House,” the AP reports. The press conference WAS scheduled for 8:30pm, but was moved up to 8pm, possibly for the TV networks.