President Obama Jabs José Díaz-Balart’s Dye Job

By Brian Flood 

It’s been well documented that President Barack Obama‘s hair has gone from black to gray during his time in office. He seems too proud to dye it, but he’s also in the public eye too much to get away with a drastic change that would obviously become the subject of talk-show wisecracks.

Well, the POTUS apparently notices when other men go the dye route. Obama was wrapping up an interview with Telemundo and MSNBC anchor José Díaz-Balart when the subject changed from getting young people to vote to Díaz-Balart’s dye job.

While discussing how young people are the least likely to vote, Obama turned to Díaz-Balart and said, “I’m going to include José in the category of being old.”

Díaz-Balart responded, “We’re the same age, I just look a little younger.”

Obama quickly fired back, “because, you know, I don’t dye my hair.”

Díaz-Balart appeared to take the jab in stride, referring to his hair color as “the Obama” after playfully shaking the president’s hand. The two men broke into laughter before Obama mockingly said, “that’s natural.”

Check out the exchange below.