President Obama Holds Second Presser This Week, Who’s Covering It?

By Alex Weprin 

It is a busy week for the White House press corp. President Obama will be holding his second press conference this week around 11 AM. Like the last presser on Monday, the topic du jour will be the economy and deficit talks with Republicans.

As usual, the cable news channels will be carrying it, but so will the broadcast networks.

Brian Williams will anchor a special report for NBC News. For ABC, George Stephanopoulos will anchor, joined by Jake Tapper at the White House. Scott Pelley will be anchoring a special report for CBS. Martha MacCallum will anchor for Fox.



ABC News’ Jake Tapper gets the first question

Bloomberg News’ Hans Nichols gets the second question.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd gets question three.

Question four goes to The Washington Post‘s Lori Montgomery.

Sam Young from The Hill gets question five.

The last question goes to NPR’s Scott Horsley.