Pres. Trump’s Contradictory FISA Tweets Follow Fox & Friends Segment

By A.J. Katz 

The House has voted to re-authorize the controversial FISA program, a key piece of the NSA’s surveillance program.

The vote followed a pair of contradictory tweets this morning from Pres. Trump, the first of which came after Trump seemed to be watching Fox & Friends, which was discussing the issue. During the segment, Fox News’s senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano looked into the camera and called on the president to not push for re-authorization.

“Mr. President this is not the way to go,” he said. WATCH:

Trump initially expressed support for Napolitano’s commentary in this tweet:

But 90 minutes later, the president walked back the tweet, likely because someone from the administration or congressional leadership told him that the White House was supporting re-authorization.

As for Napolitano, his comments about “unlawful foreign surveillance and unconstitutional domestic surveillance” made on the program this morning echo the ones that were cited by Sean Spicer during a press briefing in March, which set off an international incident, and got Napolitano suspended from Fox News.

TVNewser reached out to Fox News to find out what, if any, action will be taken this time.