Pope: E-Mailer, Blogger Notes

By Brian 

> Atrios: “My living will now includes the request that, when I’m on my deathbed, Sanjay Gupta will not be informing the American public exactly which of my bodily fluids are flowing where…”

> An e-mailer says: “CNN’s Newsnight program Friday was stellar — particularly Correspondent Chris Burns’ insightful, remarkable looks at the Pope’s youth in Krakow. The Jon Klein strategy of indepth packages and quality guest segments over quantity may give CNN the intellectual endurace to outrun what will undoubtedly be marathon coverage.”

> An e-mailer who says he works for a rival cable news net praises Keith Olbermann’s coverage: “His passion — so often expressed as disdain for the Laci/Michael/Terri stories of the day — serves him well in this story. He is the cable news star of this story.”

> “CNN/US execs need to take a lesson from their international counterparts: Make news the star. What a drastic difference to the two channels are.” The International feed aired domestically overnight…

> Yesterday on FNC, Shep Smith talked about the Schiavo and Pope death watches: “I was thinking how horrible it would be if feeding tube vs feeding tube, these two stories, became grouped into one. And now 24 hours later, it almost seems like a good thing.” (Via Johnny Dollar’s Place)