Pope: Correspondents Flock To Rome

By Brian 

> CNN: Bill Hemmer will arrive in Rome later tonight. Anderson Cooper and Aaron Brown will fly to Rome after their primetime broadcasts tonight. In addition, the following correspondents are in Rome: Christiane Amanpour, Alessio Vinci, Jim Bittermann, Ben Wedeman, Jennifer Eccleston, Diana Muriel, and Robyn Curnow. 20 international correspondents and 5 U.S. correspondents will also cover the story.

> FNC: Shep Smith is en route to Rome. Greg Burke and Greg Palkot are live near the Vatican; NY-based correspondents Jamie Colby, Rick Leventhal and David Lee Miller will also report from Rome.

> CBS: Allen Pizzey and Richard Roth are in Rome. John Roberts, Jim Axelrod and Sheila MacVicar are on the way. Liz Palmer is in Krakow.

> NBC: Katie Couric has flown back from Asia, where she was on vacation. She will anchor a special edition of ‘Today’ on Saturday. Lester Holt and Campbell Brown will also be on the show. Matt Lauer is in Rome, and Brian Williams will be traveling there soon.

> MSNBC: Is utilizing NBC’s resources, and MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, who is in Rome. Chris Matthews will be MSNBC’s main anchor in Rome beginning Saturday.

> Update: 7:20pm: ABC: George Stephanopoulos, David Wright and Martin Seemungal are in Rome. Kate Snow is arriving soon to anchor the weekend edition of Good Morning America. Jim Sciutto is in Krakow.