Pope: Continuous Afternoon

By Brian 

> Update: From an e-mailer: “CNN owned the pope story with Sanjay. Shows that NBC News is behind the 8-ball when it comes to a breaking medical story — Bazell does not know what he is talking about. Said it’s easy to talk with a tracheotomy — it’s not — and their initial graphic was labeled incorrectly. MSNBC’s was worse. Sanjay owns these medical stories — the rest should just watch and repeat what he says.”

> Update: When the hospital spokesman came out to talk about the Pope around 4pm ET, he only spoke in Italian. CNN had a translator; MSNBC did not; and FNC was in a commercial, according to a tipster.

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> Listen for all the references to how the Pope’s spirituality is keeping him alive; CNN’s mentioning that angle every few minutes it seems.

> Robert Bazell offered medical explanations on MSNBC, while Sanjay Gupta played the same role on CNN.

> CNN/U.S. coverage of the possible surgery was simulcast on CNN International beginning at 3pm ET.

> FNC was flashing the Alert graphics throughout the morning as word of the Pope’s problems spread. All the morning shows led with the breaking news.