Pope: Afternoon Notes

By Brian 

Via e-mailers:

4:59pm: Judy Woodruff says the media is “part of the vigil.”

4pm: On FNC, Shep Smith anchored from noon until 4pm, then turned it over to Linda Vester. He says the next time we’ll see him, he’ll be in Rome.

2:20pm: “Moments after the first Italian media reports, Seattle’s St. James Cathedral unveiled black drapes to signify the Pope’s death. The church then said it made a mistake because of conflicting media reports,” LostRemote says.

2:10pm: From an e-mailer: “Okay, now Shepard Smith is talking about the time his grandmother died. That was a touching story, but Shep, It’s Not About You.”

1:51pm: Some NBC stations simulcasted MSNBC’s coverage. Lester Holt anchored. Chris Jansing reported from Rome. Alex Witt manned the “listening post” in Secaucus. All the MSNBC folks were introduced as NBC anchors/correspondents.

1:06pm: “Blitzer was smart to let McCarick do the talking and remembering about the pope. Enough talking heads about it. Let those who knew him tell the stories…that’s what I really pay attention to.”