Pollster: ‘Trump Is Losing His Fights With the Media’

By Mark Joyella 

In reporting its newest national poll, with Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 42 percent to 37 percent, Public Policy Polling notes “Trump is losing his fights with the media in the arena of broader public opinion.”

Trump’s mastery of free media has been credited with his victories in the primaries, but recent media feuds, PPP argues, seem less successful:

Trump has fought with most of the media over the course of this campaign but battles with the New York Times and CNN have been particularly prominent. Voters say by a 54/29 spread that the Times has more credibility than Trump, and by a 52/34 one that CNN has more credibility.


The poll, which found Trump more popular than bedbugs but less popular than middle seats on airplanes, also described Americans as “largely ambivalent” toward two of Trump’s most prominent conservative supporters, with 44 percent of voters saying they have no opinion either way about Ann Coulter, and 38 percent saying they have no opinion about Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity.