Poll: Who Will Replace David Westin at ABC News?

By Alex Weprin 

Now that David Westin has confirmed that he will be leaving ABC News, the speculation about his replacement can begin. Unlike anchors, who are high profile and in the public eye, TV news executives often stay behind the curtain.

We put together a list of some of our top contenders to the slot, including internal ABC Newsers Paul Slavin of ABC News Digital and Robin Sproul from the network’s DC bureau, as well as Emily Barr from ABC affiliate WLS Chicago. We also included some high profile picks from outside of the Disney family, like FNC’s Michael Clemente and CBS’ Rick Kaplan, both of whom used to work at ABC News.

Cast your vote, or submit your own pick, in our poll after the jump.

Who Will Replace David Westin at ABC News?survey software

Update: As we wrote earlier, Disney is known to throw some curve-balls when selecting high-level executives. Westin was something of an outsider when he came into ABC News, so it would not be surprising if the person who ends up with the job is not on this list… or even on anyone’s radar.