Politico TV Soft-Launches With C-SPAN

By Alex Weprin 

Last month we noted that Politico was looking to revive “Politico TV,” its TV news effort. Last week on Super Tuesday it quietly launched that effort, courtesy of C-SPAN, and it is coming back tonight.

The end result looks a lot like your typical TV election coverage, but more raw, and also more insidery. The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik explains:

When I got home, I watched Politico on C-SPAN, and thought I had died and gone to a heaven where television provided smart, savvy, real, semi-raw election night coverage again — like CBS News in the glory years but without anchormen acting pompous or saying crazy faux-folk stuff that only people in Texas were supposed to understand.

More from Zurawik:

I just read an interview in which VandeHei promises more Politico TV productions, and I hope C-SPAN is smart enough to provide national distribution for them on major political nights.

And most of all, I hope they keep it semi-raw. I hope VandeHei keeps waving his hands all over the place, and doesn’t let any consultant convince him he has to keep them folded like an undertaker on the desk in front of him.

And keep the inside stuff (and jokes) about political coverage and the media coming. I loved hearing VandeHei & Company wondering on-air why Jonathan Martin’s analysis piece on election results was not yet posted on the website.