PMC Property Group Makes Residents Feel at Home

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As developers and managers of urban real estate assets, PMC Property Group knows from their own customers that residents of a rental community property are looking for more than just a place to live; they’re looking for a place to call home. Beyond a location to store their belongings and themselves, renters want a space that feels welcoming, comforting, and all their own.

What this means for property managers, says PMC Property Group, is that the best way to appeal to prospective residents with a rental property is to think of it as more than just a rental property. “You don’t want prospective residents to look at your property and think, ‘This will do for now,’” explains a PMC representative. “You want them to look at it and think, ‘This is my new home.’”

While this is easier said than done, it can nevertheless be done fairly easily with the right approach. PMC property management experts share this approach below. By following their expert tips, rental property managers everywhere can create more attractive and appealing properties that almost rent themselves.



Appeal to All of the Senses

While it is certainly important to make sure that any rental property looks attractive to potential tenants, PMC reminds property managers that sight is far from the only sense that people utilize when interacting with their homes. As such, property managers need to make sure that their units appeal to more than just the eyes when designing them for that comfortable, homey feel.

“Smell is a very important sense that is often overlooked, unless there is a problem with it,” says a PMC Property Group representative. “Property managers should try spraying a light air freshener or lighting scented candles in their properties before showing them to prospective renters. You can also appeal to the sense of sound by hanging wind chimes outside the property or playing soothing music during the tour.”


Keep Properties Clean and Clutter-Free

No matter what sense is being utilized to size up a potential home, though, cleanliness is clearly important. Dirt and strange smells in a property will turn off any prospective resident from imagining themselves willingly living there.

But beyond the obvious advice of keeping properties clean, PMC also urges property managers to reduce clutter when showing the unit to prospective tenants. “You want your property to look lived in, which means including furniture and small decorative details whenever possible,” says PMC Property Group. “However, you also want the prospective renter to be able to imagine themselves and their own belongings in the space. This is more easily accomplished if there are not already tons of someone else’s belongings taking up every available inch of space.”

Property managers who find their units full of too much clutter should look into storage space options if need be, says PMC. “It may also be a good idea to bring in professional cleaning help,” they add. “This way you can keep your properties at the peak of cleanliness so that they’re ready to be shown to any interested people at a moment’s notice.”


Don’t Forget the Surrounding Nature

For rental homes with lawns attached, this tip is especially important. “If your property has a yard, then that will likely be the first thing that prospective residents notice,” says PMC. “That means that it is important that the lawn stay well manicured. If possible, also consider planting flowers in front of the home or around the mailbox to give the property that extra touch of care and attention.”

For apartment complexes or other rental communities that lack a yard, this advice is obviously harder to implement. However, say the experts at PMC Property Group, there are still steps that can be taken. “Consider flower boxes for your apartment properties on the decks or hanging outside appropriate windows,” they advise. “This small touch can be even more noticeable for the lack of bigger yard space and give your properties an edge over other rental units. And if your building itself sits on a patch of lawn, of course keep it well mowed and attractive.”

Not only will these tips make the property more appealing, but the bonus fragrance of flowers and freshly cut grass can evoke a feeling of pleasant nostalgia for many people, making the property that much more attractive.


Add New Touches of All Sizes

On top of keeping them clean, well-maintained, and appealing to the senses, there are many proactive steps that property managers can take to increase the innate appeal of their rental properties to prospective residents. These touches can range from investments in renovation to small and simple details added as finishing touches.

On the larger scale, PMC Property Group recommends renovating rental units as much as can be afforded where they need it the most. “A recently renovated unit is always a draw for prospective tenants,” they explain. “This means practical concerns such as adding new windows, new insulation, and other steps to make a property more energy efficient. This can also mean installing warmer lighting and painting walls more attractive colors to increase the sense of comfort involved.”

On the smaller scale, there are many little details that property managers can add to make their properties more attractive. “Treat your properties like five-star hotel rooms about to receive important guests,” PMC recommends. “Set the table, put clean linens on the beds, and generally spruce the place up.”

By following this advice and designing rental properties to feel like home for renters, says PMC Property Group, property managers can make them just that – new homes for new and satisfied tenants.