Pleading for ‘Fundamental Decency,’ Greta Van Susteren Asks Fox for Lost Photos, Video

By Mark Joyella 

Shortly after Greta Van Susteren learned she would not return to work at Fox News Channel, her long-running blog, GretaWire (which was part of the site), was pulled down. The blog, home to Van Susteren’s steady supply of news stories, viewer polls, viewer interaction and show content was also home to a huge archive of Van Susteren’s personal photos and videos—all, she fears, now potentially lost.

“I have pictures and video I took in North Korea, in Sudan, Iraq, of my pets, friends, etc. that I don’t have copies of. There are almost 15 years of memories,” Van Susteren writes on Facebook. “How about my pictures of GretaHome and Academy in Haiti? Of the children? I want those pictures and I don’t have copies of them all. They know I want them so I hope they preserve them.”

The network, she says, has agreed to send Van Susteren the contents of her Fox News Channel office—including the desk that she personally owned—but has yet to make any promises about the content from the blog. “Even if there is a legal right for them to not return them – and I don’t know that there is – there is also a fundamental decency,” Van Susteren writes. “Many of the videos posted on GretaWire were taken by me on my camera equipment and many are just personal as I brought the viewers into my life and I went into theirs.”

Update: Friday afternoon…