Pinheads & The Pinata

By Brian 

Bill O’Reilly openly campaigned for Tony Snow as press secretary on the Factor last night.

“Bush should pick you. You would be the best man for the job for this country right now,” O’Reilly told Snow, and predicted that he would get the job.

Let’s go to the transcript:

 O’REILLY: Do you want this job, Snow? Do you want face these pinheads, these unbelievable cretins in the White House briefing room every day? Why do you want to do that?

SNOW: Look, I got to tell you, it’s very interesting. I’ve been trying to balance two sets of things. On the one hand, you’ve got White House press spokesperson as a pinata.

The other thing is sort of on the bad side of the ledger — family time. You know, my kids need to see more of me. And I need to see more of them.

You got a massive cut in pay. You have a lot of inconvenience. You don’t have as much time to yourself. There’s a lot of stuff going on, plus there are no guarantees after you get out of the White House whether there’s any landing place. I mean, we have both seen lots of people who went off to glory in the White Houses and came out with tin cups, you know, filled with pencils.