Piers Morgan Tells Hannity: CNN is ‘Quite Schizophrenic’

By Jordan Chariton Comment

In his first Fox News appearance, former CNN host Piers Morgan plead for gun control, criticized President Obama on foreign and domestic policy, and threw in a dig at his former network.

“The reality about CNN is it’s quite schizophrenic,” Morgan told Sean Hannity, pointing to huge ratings during breaking news situations followed by stagnation during normal news cycles. “In the quieter periods, the brand is so associated with breaking news, that when there wasn’t breaking news, and social media answers that question for most consumers, people don’t tune in very much.”

Hannity told Morgan he thought it was a mistake for Morgan, a British man, to come to America and preach on one of the country’s most hotbed cultural issues: guns. “It was never a political issue in Britain. Left and right came together, and we all campaigned…we banned all guns.” “I’d love to invite you back for it [gun debate] because it’s something I can’t argue with you quickly.”