Piers Morgan Secures First Casey Anthony Interview, Sort of

By Alex Weprin 

A year ago, few people generated as much news coverage as Casey Anthony. The Florida woman, who was acquitted by a jury of killing fer daughter, dominated the news cycle.

Immediately after the acquittal, rumors ran rampant about who would snag the first TV interview. The answer was answered last night… sort of.

CNN’s Piers Morgan talked to Casey Anthony over the phone earlier in the day, and relayed some of that conversation during an on-air interview with her attorney, J. Cheney Mason. Anthony did not appear on camera, nor did viewers get to hear her voice or anything more than a small handful of quotes as relayed by Morgan. Nonetheless, aside from a YouTube video posted by Anthony, it was the first most Americans had heard from her in a year:


It may also have been a notice to other TV news outlets. A booker at one of the network morning shows tells me that Anthony’s lawyers are still seeking a princely sum for the first “real” on-camera interview with Anthony, though as we outlined last year, it will be very surprising if they get what they are asking for.