Piers Morgan ‘Itching to get Back in the Game’

By Brian Flood 

Piers Morgan, who is five months removed from the cancellation of his primetime show on CNN, sat down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer on Monday.

Lauer’s first question was essentially, have you spent five months thinking about what went wrong [at CNN]?

Morgan explained that he went into CNN to conduct “big interviews, with big figures.” While Morgan says he did “many of those,” in his first two years, a series of deadly mass shootings changed the tone of the show.


Morgan told Lauer that something inside him “exploded” after the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, turning his show into a nightly battle with the NRA and gun lobbyist. Morgan’s ratings declined as his show changed, but he doesn’t have any regrets about speaking out on gun control.

“How could you let twenty first graders be shot dead in their classrooms and the reaction would be absolutely nothing [in America]. So I don’t regret standing up for trying to effect change, he said. “I wish more American media people, America news anchors stood up.”

Morgan, who is now the editor-at-large for the news website MailOnline, left a door open for an eventual return to American television. “I’m itching to get back in the game,” Morgan said.