Piers Morgan: ‘Being too far right or left right now is a bit dangerous… What Americans need is facts’

By Alex Weprin 

Broadcasting & Cable editor Ben Grossman has an in-depth interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan:

What kind of feedback have you gotten from CNN?

They’re thrilled. They just tell me not to forget it’s an intelligent audience. And to remain independent. And being independent right now is a really good thing. Being too far right or left right now is a bit dangerous, given what’s going on in the Middle East. What Americans need is facts.

But don’t television ratings say that is not true? Opinion-driven shows like those on Fox News are on fire.

What I think is that Fox News does better programming. Roger Ailes has done a better job producing compelling television. It can’t be dismissed as right-wing loonies. They have identified an audience and go after it with a passion and a fury and a mad partisan opinion, but it works. I was talking to Rupert Murdoch [at the NBA All-Star Game] and we both agreed, I am not going to get those viewers. And I’m not going to try. Or Rachel Maddow’s viewers.

Did Rupert give you any feedback on your show?

Of course not, he’s the enemy. I’m trying to get Rupert on as a guest. I think he’s beginning to think about it. [Last week] I was at him again, I think he might do it.

Grossman also asks about Keith Olbermann, Larry King, whether Morgan believes he is dangerous, and yes, whether he is a “starf***er.”

Read the whole interview here.