Piers Morgan, Aaron Sorkin And The Cast Of ‘The Newsroom’ Walk Into The Paley Center…

By Alex Weprin 

CNN host Piers Morgan moderated the panel for the HBO series “The Newsroom” at the Paley Center For Media late Sunday. The Paley Center is in the midst of PaleyFest, which features panels and presentations of new and returning TV shows.

Morgan, Aaron Sorkin and the cast sparred a bit (in a friendly way, of course).

“I prefer to see Piers Morgan and Diane Sawyer on the news and not on a red carpet,” said Olivia Munn, a former G4 host who plays Sloan Sabbith on the program. “You turn on CNN, and people are putting themselves in the story … Journalism is about other people’s stories.”


Morgan also argued that while it is vital to cover important stories like gun control, it has to be good TV, noting “I think the sequester is one of the most supremely boring story ever told on television.”

HitFix has a good roundup, including a preview of what real news stories “The newsroom” will cover in season two.