Phil Donahue Invokes Jeremy Glick Memories On The O’Reilly Factor

By Brian 

“Cindy Sheehan supporter” Phil Donahue challenged Bill O’Reilly on tonight’s Factor. “You wouldn’t send your children in this war Bill,” Donahue said. O’Reilly retorted: “My nephew just enlisted in the Army, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” Then O’Reilly added: “Don’t denigrate his service, or I’ll boot you right off this set!”

It got better from there. Donahue tossed out lines like “I’m not Jeremy Glick, Billy,” and my personal favorite, “loud doesn’t mean right.”

He continues: “You are part of a loud group of people who want to prove they’re tough, and send other people’s kids to war…”

 DONAHUE: How many more young men and women are you going to send to have their arms and legs blown off–

O’REILLY: This is a war on terror–

DONAHUE: So you can be tough and point at people in a kind of cowardly way– Take people like Jeremy Glick, who comes on in memory of his parents–

O’REILLY: Oh bull– Jeremy Glick–

DONHAUE: and you go off on him like a big bully! Billy, you have to feel sorry about that.

O’REILLY: Mr. Donahue, with all due respect–

DONAHUE: How you apologized to him for that?

O’REILLY: Baloney…

See? It gets better. Johnny Dollar’s Place has the video…