Peter King: Fans indifferent to this year's NFL draft

By Cam Martin 

Are you amped for this week’s NFL draft? Then you’re probably the exception among NFL fans, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

“There’s a different feel to this draft. It’s somewhere between indifference and total confusion. Last week, co-hosting the Sirius NFL Radio “Opening Drive” show with Bob Papa, we had only two callers on hold midway through the show, at 9 a.m. ‘That’s how it’s been like almost every morning,” Papa told me off the air. ‘Last year before the draft, the lines were jammed every day. Now, not so much.'”

King says that the confusion about who will be drafted where — Carolina has the No. 1 pick, but no consensus has emerged, which is unusual at this stage of the game — is anathema to fans, who don’t see a lot of can’t-miss star wattage in this draft class, particularly at the skill positions. Add in the effects of the ongoing lockout, which doesn’t seem headed to a resolution anytime soon, and fans simply aren’t as keyed up for this year’s draft.