Pete Williams Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Twitter

By Chris Ariens 

The spotlight is on NBC’s humble justice correspondent Pete Williams whose reporting throughout the week and into this morning on the Boston Marathon blasts has been spot on. And he doesn’t need Twitter to do it. Williams is on Twitter, but, despite amassing 18,000 followers, he doesn’t Tweet much (18 times total). The last time was March 22, in the days before Supreme Court arguments on two gay marriage cases.

In a story on Williams this morning, Politico‘s Dylan Byers recounts a moment in the NBC bureau in Washington yesterday when a staffer told Williams he was trending on Twitter. “Williams laughed and replied: ‘I don’t want to be trending on anything!'” HuffPost‘s Jack Mirkinson and NationalJournal‘s Brian Resnick add to the Williams admiration. Writes Resnick:

In a media environment when fewer and fewer reporters operate on narrow, stable beats, when everyone is a “generalist” aggregating the same information everyone else has, Williams’s deep reporting background is invaluable. And members of the media—from other outlets nonetheless—easily recognized that.