Pelley Pounds Page Six Provocateur

By Alex Weprin 

The New York Post‘s Page Six reported that the “CBS Evening News” allegedly didn’t cover John Miller’s big State Department scoop because anchor Scott Pelley was upset it happened on “CBS This Morning.”

The story itself isn’t nearly as interesting as Pelley’s vehement response to Page Six:

“That allegation is false. How long have you been a journalist? You wouldn’t last ten seconds at CBS News. This is not how reporters do their job. You called my publicist but not me in my office?”

Pelley explained, “We wrote that story for ‘CBS This Morning’ on Friday. ‘CTM’ has two hours of air time, I have 30 minutes. Monday was a heavy news day and we had no place to put the story.”

We already know that Pelley can hold his own at the gun show, which only makes the phone call that much more intense. For what it’s worth, CBS dedicated more than three minutes on last night’s newscast to Miller’s scoop.