Pastor Cancels Planned Koran Burning

By Alex Weprin 

The planned burning of Korans on Saturday by a Florida church has been canceled, according to the pastor, Terry Jones. Jones made the announcement just after 5 PM ET. CNN and MSNBC covered the news and the subsequent press conference:

Fox News, which said earlier that it had no plans to cover the event, stayed with a “best of” edition of “Glenn Beck.” Now it looks like the other news organizations don’t have to worry about deciding what to do in terms of coverage this weekend.

A strange wrinkle: Jones said that the Imam in charge of the proposed Islamic community center and mosque in New York has agreed to move its location away from Ground Zero. Jones cited that as the reason for canceling the event Saturday. MSNBC is reporting however that the backers of the center say they have no plans to move it.