Paris All Talk, No Action Over Vow to Sue Fox News

By Mark Joyella 

It’s been nearly six months since Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour “I think we’ll have to sue” Fox News for suggesting there were “no-go zones” in the French capital, where sharia law was in effect.

Hidalgo argued the city had its honor and image “insulted” and “prejudiced” and the Paris City Council ultimately authorized legal action.

So, have they stormed the proverbial Bastille? Not so much. The Washington Post asked Fox News’ outside legal counsel, Dori Hanswirth, for an update on the lawsuit. “Fox News has not been served with any legal process and we have not seen any complaint,” she said.


The WaPo asked Hidalgo’s press office for a comment–and that hasn’t been forthcoming either.