P.R.: “NBC News Is On A Roll”

By Brian 

“NBC News is on a roll,” a horn-tooting press release proclaimed today. Here’s the lead:

“The ratings windfall comes at a significant time as both Today and Nightly News are on the verge of marking historic milestones — Today is poised to mark 10 straight years in first place in the morning and Nightly News will celebrate Brian Williams’ first anniversary as anchor and managing editor of the program later this week. Meanwhile, Meet the Press remains the unprecedented leader on Sunday mornings, and Dateline NBC’s recent alarming investigation into the epidemic of online sexual predators continues to make news around the country. On the digital side, earlier this month Nightly News became the first network evening newscast to be offered online, in its entirety, free of charge on www.Nighty.MSNBC.com, and viewers watched Matt Lauer’s online video blogs from his Where in the World is Matt Lauer? trip more than 300,000 times on www.Today.MSNBC.com. On cable, MSNBC has been posting primetime gains while its competitors see losses for the same periods.”

Here are all the details…