Overnight Chilean Mine Coverage Notes

By Alex Weprin 

All three cable news channels covered the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile in the late evening. On the broadcast networks, ABC’s Diane Sawyer broke into regular programming with a special report just after 11 PM ET when the first miner was pulled from the ground.

Overnight, CNN and MSNBC were live  covering the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile.


MSNBC had Chris Jansing anchoring from 1 AM until “Morning Joe.” Jansing was back on the air at 10 AM this morning, wearing the same outfit she wore overnight.

CNN went to a simulcast of CNN International starting at 1 AM ET and running until “American Morning” started at 5 AM.

FNC was the only network to not provide continuous live coverage, instead showing taped coverage from earlier in the evening. The network broke into taped coverage at the top and bottom of every hour to provide live updates. From  1AM-6AM, Gregg Jarrett anchored the cut-ins with Adam Housley and Steve Harrigan who were live in Chile.

With additional reporting by Molly Stark Dean.