O’Reilly: “Is It Tough Being You?” Colbert: “It’s Hard For Me To Be You”

By Brian 

“I want you to know that I spend so much time in the world that is spinning all the time, that to be in the no spin zone actually gives me vertigo,” Stephen Colbert said at the beginning of his Factor interview tonight. Here are a couple other highlights:

  O’REILLY: It is tough being me. Is it tough being you?

COLBERT: It’s hard for me to be you. I’ll tell you that much.

O’REILLY: You don’t you owe me an enormous amount of money?

COLBERT: Well if I were imitating you i would. But there’s a difference between imitation and emulation. Let me tell you the difference. If you imitate someone, you owe them a royalty check. If you emulate them, you don’t. There’s a big difference.


  COLBERT: You know what I hate about people who criticize you? They criticize what you say but they never give you credit for how loud you say it.

O’REILLY: That’s true.

COLBERT: Or how long you say it.

O’REILLY: There are not many people as loud as I am.