O’Reilly Holds Tape of Incident Until Monday’s Show

By Chris Ariens 

In a shrewd bit of marketing, Bill O’Reilly announced that the videotape of a confrontation he was involved in will be held until Monday night’s show. O’Reilly made the announcement during the 3pmET hour of FNC during which he explained what happened this morning. At 4:15pmET, as FNC anchor Brian Wilson recounted the events, Wilson reiterated that “Bill O’Reilly has his own tape of this incident” and that it would be shown Monday night on FNC.

Also, FNC aired a short soundbite from Marvin Nicholson (right), the Obama staffer at the center of the (in Wilson’s words) “kerfuffle.”

After he (O’Reilly) shoved me and after he’s done yelling at me I went..I just went over and I asked, I said, “Sir, I’d really appreciate if you didn’t shove me anymore.”