O’Reilly & F&F Explore Couric/Gender Bias

By Brian 

Nine days ago, Sean McManus was quoted as saying this about Katie Couric:

  “I think it is a fact there are probably people, both men and women, who are perhaps uncomfortable having a woman anchor the news. The way she is scrutinized, I think sometimes unfairly, quite frankly, I think a lot of that has to do with gender.”

Yesterday, Fox News apparently found out. Bill O’Reilly devoted his Back of the Book segment to it last night, discussing the comments with correspondents Julie Banderas and Kiran Chetry. Here’s what Chetry said:

  “I don’t know if it’s so much that she’s a woman. It’s just, it’s Katie. I mean, she was famous. She was a celebrity. People take pictures of her on the red carpet. Sometimes I wonder, do people have to sort of look past Katie to get their news, and is that what they feel like doing?”

Fox & Friends picked up the ball and ran with it this morning, asking if gender bias is to blame for Katie’s bad ratings this morning. Steve Doocy said: “Most of you who have e-mailed us… think that Katie Couric, perhaps once upon a time [was] perky on the Today show, now just does have an agenda…”