Oregon State Announcer Confirms He's The Man Eating A Napkin In YouTube Video

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Oregon State University play-by-play announcer Mike Parker has come forward and confirmed a YouTube video of him eating a napkin while intoxicated at a Denny’s restaurant.

“The wrongdoing feels deep within the heart, whether there was anything illegal or not, I’m deeply ashamed for putting myself in a position,” Parker said Tuesday. “To be in that kind of state, and so obviously terribly impaired from the alcohol that I could not be aware of what I was doing, is very frightening. It’s embarrassing, it’s shameful, it’s humiliating.”

The video was posted on Feb. 12 and filmed in a Los Angeles-area Denny’s. It was brought to Parker’s attention by a co-worker. He admits to having “some long-standing issues with alcohol.”

“People tell me in the meetings I’ve been to and in the program I’ve been in that sometimes a person has to hit bottom to really begin to rise up out of it,” Parker said. “I think I’ve had some arrogance that I can beat this on my own or some pride that I don’t really have an issue, that I’m OK and I’ve never really faced head-on the reality or depth of my issues. This type of thing brings me literally face-to-face with how bad they are. It’s almost like looking at a stranger with that video but that’s me, that’s what I’ve allowed myself to do. I’d like to just chalk it up to ‘That was just one night, a bad night and a mistake,’ but I know it goes much deeper than that. … I am deeply sorry to Beaver Nation and my family and my friends.”

Oregon State released the following statement regarding the video:

“Oregon State Athletics and its multimedia rights holder, Beaver Sports Properties, were made aware of the Internet video featuring broadcaster Mike Parker in recent weeks and immediately started conversations with him to learn exactly what had taken place. The video was placed on YouTube without his knowledge or consent, and he is very apologetic and wants nothing more than to continue calling games for the Beavers.

“Clearly, both parties are concerned for Mike, yet pleased that he’s already seeking treatment and working diligently to get better. Beaver Sports Properties and OSU Athletics honor his service and commitment to the University, and they pledge to work closely with Mike to monitor his treatment while he continues to represent the Beavers in a professional and quality manner.”