Oops: Jemele Hill Has A Warrant For Her Arrest

By Marcus Vanderberg 

You know that outstanding parking ticket you received years ago and never paid off?

It will come back and haunt you.

Just ask ESPN.com columnist Jemele Hill, who found out there’s a warrant for her arrest in Lansing, MI.

“For those who have asked, I’m not kidding. There is a warrant for my arrest in East Lansing,” Hill tweeted on Thursday about her outstanding parking ticket for $144.00.

Luckily for Hill, her ticket is eligible for the Amnesty Program, which means she wont be incarcerated for their outstanding debt, will not need to appear in front of a judge, and will not be arrested or have additional contempt costs assessed to their case.

And if Jemele can’t make it to Michigan before April 29, anyone can pay the fine on her behalf:

Can someone else pay my fine for me? Yes. Anyone can pay off the fine for a person appearing on the warrant list. Amnesty participation is a wonderful way to say “I care” to your spouse, friend, family member or loved one and avoid that annoying phone call at 3:00 a.m. from someone asking for bond money.

So, who wants to pay Jemele’s parking ticket?